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Cathrin Piesche

50 Years of IJAB – Documentation of Berlin Congress published

IJAB is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2017 with a series of events. One of the highlights of the year was the conference “Encounters. Change. Renewal. Challenges and opportunities for international youth work in a globalised world” and the subsequent evening celebrations, which took place on 18 May in Berlin. [read more]

Caren Marks, Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth, opens the conference
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Christian Herrmann

50 years of IJAB – Look ahead and claim the future!

IJAB turns 50 this year and is celebrating its anniversary with a series of events. A conference held in Berlin on 18 May highlighted the challenges in international youth work posed by rising nationalism, anti-European populism and international tensions. It showed that IJAB and its partners are committed to giving young people a future as Europeans and as global citizens. [read more]

eine Gruppe von Menschen - Manuela Schwesig, Marie-Luise Dreber, Lothar Harles und Jugendliche
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Cathrin Piesche

International youth conference delegates call for all young people to have international opportunities

Globalisation, Europe, international exchanges, tolerance, democracy and peaceful human coexistence: these were the topics on the agenda at the youth conference “We move tomorrow’s world”. Participants from all over the world travelled to Schwerin, Germany to spend three days discussing how current political developments are influencing their lives and mobility opportunities, how international mobility contributes towards more tolerance and understanding, and how more young people can be encouraged to spend a period abroad. On the last day, the delegates presented their recommendations to Federal Youth Minister Manuela Schwesig at Schwerin Palace, the state parliament. [read more]

Kinderhände halten einen Globus
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Stephanie Bindzus

Conference to mark the 50th anniversary of IJAB: Encounters. Change. Renewal. Challenges and opportunities for international youth work in a globalised world

Globalisation and rapid digitalisation are changing the way we live. Faced with financial crises, isolationist tendencies and the UK’s impending departure from the European Union, the EU is struggling to maintain its integrity. Democratic structures are being thrown into question.These changes have a direct impact on the lives of young people in Germany, Europe and around the world. At this specialist conference, participants will focus on current issues and explore new ways for youth policy cooperation and the international youth work community to approach these challenges. Register now! [read more]

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Stephanie Bindzus

Conference on current political developments and their impact on international youth work – Successful kickoff to IJAB anniversary event series

Rising nationalism, Brexit, Euroskepticism, Trump – these political developments are having tangible impacts on youth exchanges, too. What is the right response to racism expressed during youth exchanges or to xenophobia? What if discussing politics is taboo in the host country? What can be done to prevent exchanges being cancelled for fear of terrorist attacks in Germany or elsewhere? These questions were tackled at a conference on 22 February 2017 in Berlin. The event kicked off a year-long series of IJAB anniversary events on current issues in international youth work. [read more]

Lothar Harles, Chairma of IJAB and Marie-Luise Dreber, Director of IJAB
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50 years of IJAB – 50 years of international dialogue and cooperation

IJAB was established in 1967 as a nationwide organisation for international cooperation in the youth work and youth policy field. The chief motivation for this was reconciliation and understanding, an urgent necessity after World War II, along the wish to stimulate curiosity, a sense of adventure and an interest in the world beyond Germany’s borders. Half a century later, the international youth work community is facing a set of quite different challenges. We live in a globally connected world without physical or virtual borders, and are confronted with a rise in nationalism and isolationism. IJAB is responding to these trends with a long-term European and international approach that allows young people to grow up to become true citizens of Europe and the world. [read more]

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