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Call for articles: Inclusion of young people marginalised by early school leaving and unemployment

The Foundation P&V has launched a far-reaching project that aims to bring together the most recent and relevant scientific knowledge on the inclusion of young people marginalised by early school leaving and unemployment. The deadline for submitting articles is on the 30th of June 2012.

A maximum of 12 articles will be selected and rewarded with a prize of €1,500 each. Their authors will present their works in a conference to be organised in December 2012; the articles will form part of a publication disseminated widely in Belgium and Europe via the European Network of the Foundations for Social Economy.

The Foundation P&V is based in Belgium and it undertakes various activities to support active citizenship and to combat the marginalisation of young people; the launched project should explore expert knowledge, specific experiences and policy schemes that effectively resolve problems resulting from lack of skills and early school leaving.

Read the call for articles here ...

(Quelle: OBESSU.org, gesehen 13.2.2012)

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