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Call for papers to "Learning Mobility and Non-formal Learning in European Contexts - Policies, Approaches, Examples"

Since 2011 the European Platform on Learning Mobility has been in existence. It is an independent interdisciplinary network cooperation in which researchers, policy-makers and practitioners are working together in order to improve the quality of mobility and its effects on young people’s lives.

In the international conference “Framework, Quality and Impact of Young Europeans’ Learning Mobility”, held in May 2011 in the European Youth Centre in Budapest, academics and practitioners from 27 countries discussed advantages and challenges around the questions:

  • What effects has the Learning Mobility of young people, which learning experiences can be made?
  • How can different aims, personality development and acquisition of key competencies, civic learning and promotion of employability be harmonized?
  • What are the preconditions for successful learning in the projects? What is significant in the quality of the mobility measures in the youth area and how can it be guaranteed?
  • How can we reach as broad a spectrum as possible of those who do not normally participate in mobility programs in particular youth with fewer opportunities?
  • How can learning experiences in youth mobility be recognized in tune with non-formal and informal learn settings?
  • How can the results and effects of the numerous youth mobility projects be made visible and disseminated?
  • How can the successful, extensive experiences in youth mobility for learning purposes be given greater recognition?
  • How can bridges be built between youth mobility for learning purposes in the non-formal and the formal education sectors recognizing the respective preconditions, targets, formats and methods as being on a par with one another?

In the meantime several meetings were held and a follow-up conference will take place from 20–22 March 2013 in Berlin. In this context, a book is going to be published with the (working) title: "Learning Mobility and Non-formal Learning in European Contexts. Policies, Approaches, Examples".

More information: http://youth-partnership-eu.coe.int/youth-partnership/news/news_237.html

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