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Neuerscheinung: Interkulturelles Lernen und Politische Bildung in Europa. Eine Bestandsaufnahme

This book considers the many controversial debates about the theoretical underpinning, ideological positioning and political significance of intercultural learning in and for the European youth field. Contributors challenge the elevation of intercultural dialogue to panacea for all societal problems, the problematic position of notions of culture at the heart of intercultural learning, and accepted wisdom on the purposes, contents, approaches and methods of intercultural learning.

In an attempt to breathe new life into what is criticised as a stagnant debate, this book asks those concerned with political education to rethink where they stand in relation to the basic principles of a practice in need of radical re-politicisation if it is to live up to the contemporary challenges putting its mobilisational capacity to the test.

Where Do You Stand? 
Intercultural Learning and Political Education in Contemporary Europe 
Yael Ohana & Hendrik Otten (Eds.) 
2012. 276 pp. with 2 Fig. 
ISBN 978-3-531-18031-1

About the editors:
Yael Ohana is a specialist in non-formal education and international youth work. She is the co-founder of “Frankly Speaking – Training, Development & Research”.
Dr. Hendrik Otten is a specialist of political education. He is the director of the Institute for Research in Applied Communication (IKAB) in Bonn, Germany.

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