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SALTO presents new Erasmus+ Inclusion & Diversity Strategy

Diversity in a box. Source: Gisela Peter / pixelio.de

Last year, SALTO Inclusion, together with the SALTO Cultural Diversity and the European Commission, has been working really hard to upgrade the old Inclusion Strategy for Youth in Action, to fit to the new Erasmus+: Youth in Action programme.

It is a strategy for inclusion AND diversity – both are equally important, neither can be considered in isolation. The ID Strategy will be officially launched during Youth Week on 7 May 2015, but of course you can already use the strategy now.

In the coming months, we’ll develop some userfriendly communication tools to promote the ID Strategy more widely and to the target groups we are talking about. We'll keep you updated via this newsletter when these promo tools are ready.

Till then, you can enjoy exploring the official and extensive document, approved by the E+ Programming Committee on 18 December 2014.

Read more about the I&D Strategy and download your copy at the SALTO YOUTH website!

Source: SALTO Inclusion

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