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Alive Peace - Exploring a Culture of Peace Through Personal Change and Wellbeing


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Alive Peace


One of the main problems with traditional peace-building is the lack of holistic approach and many global peace initiatives are overly focused on the political levels of peace and conflict without considering the personal and interpersonal dimensions, where the patterns of violence also exist.

However peace is not only about responding to international conflicts, it is also about how we relate to ourselves and those around us. By learning and exploring holistic approaches to peace, young people can become more effective peacebuilders within their communities and work.

Therefore, the project aims to encourage participants to explore creative ways of developing a holistic culture of peace. New skills, behaviors and attitudes will be developed amongst participants (such as non-violent communication, personal development, well-being techniques). As a result the impact of their local work will ideally become more effective and they will be empowered in their role as educators, multipliers and changemakers.


  • to increase the effectiveness of youth workers, change-makers, peace-builders in their work and communities
  • to enhance participants’ understanding of peace education through a holistic and experiential approach
  • to explore the connection between personal wellbeing and social change through self-reflection, coaching and experiential activities.
  • to explore existing systemic structures and obstacles for peace in order to respond with creative and innovative solutions;
  • to establish a sustainable cooperation between participants to implement common activities aiming to build infrastructures of peace within their communities;
  • to encourage participants to transfer their peace-building skills to the people with whom they work, and thus act as multipliers of peaceful values.

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