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Art of video & photo advertising in social work


, Liepaja, Lettland

Latvijas jauniešu attīstības centrs


The project has the main goal to develop the skills of youth workers in the area of social media and digital technologies like: internet, photography and video making. It is dedicated to youth workers working in different fields of social issues to help them promote their activities, disseminate the results in a more professional and attractive way and as a result – to engage more active young people in their work and bring attention of a wider public to the social issues of their local community and country.

Objectives of the project

  • To create a platform of sharing and discussions between youth workers about promotional tools like: social media, photography, videos, flash mobs, exhibitions, fairs etc.
  •  To raise awareness on the social issues relevant to the work of participants among them and their target groups using the multimedia tools of photography and videography;
  • To stimulate the sense of entrepreneurship and responsibility for their work among participants through the creation of new methods of stimulating the active work of young people.
  • To help youth initiate debate on the issues relevant to their local community using media, art and space;
  • To developing basic digital skills using a creative approach towards the art of photo and video activity by attending dynamic workshops and practical work in photography and videography.

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