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ARTOOL MARKET - art for intercultural dialogue


, - Palermo, Italien

CEIPES – International Center for Promotion of Education and Development


The international seminar “Artool Market” has the main aim of developing the skills of European organizations and informal groups facilitating processes of prevention of discrimination, intercultural dialogue and cohesive societies, with the creation of resources and space for cooperation available for other organizations all over Europe.

Specific objectives:
• To share perspectives on migration phenomenon depending on different European contexts and diverse way of valorizing it as an oppurtunity of developing within the diversity
• to develop the quality and variety of tools and methodologies based on art in the field of intercultural dialogue, anti – discrimination, inclusion of migrants and peacebuilding processes, fostering the competences of youth organizations and informal groups in creating and using them
• to create a network of organizations that will cooperate in a long term prospective on this topic becoming a resource for the other organizations all over Europe

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Diskriminierung , Interkultureller Dialog, Interkulturelles Lernen, Italien, Migration

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