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Betzavta International - Learning the language of democracy


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A training course on innovative methods of democracy education based on the experiental learning approach Betzavta.

One of the ongoing challenges and important tasks for a democracy is to develop a democratic culture among its citizens. Democratic institutions certainly form an important base but without the development of corresponding attitudes among the people, they are running the risk to remain an empty shelf.

A limited understanding of democracy is also affecting the approaches of democracy education, which often put an overemphasis on cognitive learning aspects, e.g. an understanding the procedural aspects of its institutions. Another challenge in this educational field is the limitation to an abstract discussion about the (dis-)advantages of different forms of democracy without making young people aware of their own attitudes and possible consequences for their own life and their immediate surroundings.

Based on the shortcomings of traditional models of civic education the Betzavta approach was developed in Israel already in the 1980s and became later broadly adapted in the formal and non-formal sector in Germany. It promotes participation through a hands-on, experiential learning process during which participants are getting the chance to get into deep reflections on their own explicit and implicit attitudes towards democracy. Through an extensive work with dilemma based situations participants also have the chance to become increasingly aware of possible discrepancies between their self image and actions in concrete situations.

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