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Beyond the Differences


Training centre ‘Daugirdiskes’ Monio str. 49A, LT-21343 Daugirdiskes (bei Vilnius), Litauen

International Youth Work Trainers Guild


This training seminar is expecting to gather trainers and those willing to develop training competencies, especially in the area of conflict transformation. The following are the objectives for the seminar:

  • To offer international youth work and training practitioners a safe and trustful environment for sharing their experiences and bringing in specific cases from their practice of working with challenging groups.
  • To identify the key social, cultural, economic and political issues and trends that shape people's life experience in Europe today and cause tensions and conflicts.
  • To develop understanding of how to approach complexity of conflicts of everyday realities through international youth work and training activities.
  • To deepen participants knowledge, understanding of the roots of empathy for working with groups of people who have critical, indifferent, pessimistic worldviews and reflect our bias rooted in our backgrounds.
  • To review existing methodological practices and get familiarise with the new methods and approaches of conflict transformation to improve future international youth work and training programmes.

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Internationale Jugendarbeit, Litauen

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