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Boosting Youth Employment in Europe through Growth and Quality Jobs: Guaranteeing a Future for the Young Generations


, Brüssel, Belgien

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Eurostat’s latest figures show that in June 2016, 4.194 million young persons (under 25) were unemployed in the EU-28, of whom 2.915 million were in the Euro area. Compared with June 2015, youth unemployment rates have slightly decreased, with 18.5 % of young unemployed in the EU-28 and 20.8 % in the euro area, compared with 20.6 % and 22.5 % respectively in June 2015. Although the latest figures show a small improvement, youth unemployment rates remain very high in the EU. With so many youngsters struggling to find a job, it is therefore pivotal to find solutions to tackle unemployment and help young people take first steps towards the development of their professional life.

This International Symposium sets out to assess the challenges behind current unemployment trends in the EU and determine viable solutions to boost employment in the EU. It will also analyse the ways in which employers, HR experts and employment services can help the young unemployed to boost their professional lives.  Additionally, the symposium will define alternative strategies for youngster to acquire the right skill-set for the current labour market – both through formal and non-formal education - as well as explore different possible career paths, with a particular focus on entrepreneurship.

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