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Bridges Building - Fostering Dialogue


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“Training Bridges Building – Fostering Dialogue” is a training course, which was developed as a module for youth workers/ NGO leaders to help them to answer their questions concerning the active participation and building the strong civil society and ways of realization of their projects on the practical level. We will approach the idea of civil society and the project management issues. We will work on case, examples and civil society in practice. Together, we will be working on improving the methods on how to motivate youngsters for participation in their community and beyond.

Particular objectives:

  • pointing out the connection between citizenship, responsibility for one‘s immediate environment and society and active participation,
  • strengthening the role and impact of the civil society and new democratic mentality through developing the project management skills of youth workers and NGO leaders
  • Intercultural opening and co-operation of the participating organizations and countries
  • Development of professional and personal skills of the participating youth workers, equipping them with practical tools for their activities and initiatives

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Deutschland, Jugendarbeit, Partizipation

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