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CATCH-EyoU Conference Young People as Active EU Citizens? Challenges and Visions on a Renewed Project for Europe


Amalia Hotel Athens 10 Amalias ave., Syntagma Square Athens, GR-105 57 Athen, Griechenland

Team CATCH-EyoU project


The first conference of CATCH-EyoU aims to explore the multifaceted factors that influence the different forms of youth active engagement in Europe, thus offering policy makers and professionals working with young people new instruments and “conceptual lenses” to better understand this generation and bring the EU closer to all its citizens.

CATCH-EyoU is a research and innovation action funded by the European Commission under the H2020 Programme.

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Europa , Europäische Union, Freiwilliges Engagement, Griechenland, Jugend, Partizipation

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