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Change Makers Academy


, - Valcanale, Italien

Rising Giant


Everything is our life is changing all the time already! we invite you to join and learn how to control change itself and enjoy it!

The idea of Change Makers Academy was born from the belief that all of us have great potential which is not always being discovered as far as we expect.

3 Serial Change Makers representing themselves as Rising Giant, brings and opportunity in February to open the curtains and have a look what hides behind the scenes of Change itself! Even more! We all will learn how to understand, accept and live through this sometimes understood as painful, process.

Today Change Makers Academy has developed to an intense life-changing event in which we will empower you with the tools and techniques to be the change in your life and make a change in your organization.

- Meta Analysis
- Prototyping Change
- Understand your own Needs
- Organizational Change
- Nonviolent Communications
- Your Change Strategy

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Italien, Kommunikation

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