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Chasing the Rainbow - Activism and Equality for LGBT Young People

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, Rovaniemi, Finnland



Chasing the Rainbow is a long term project that has gathered LGBT young people from Latvia, Ireland and Finland on two study visits to learn about the diversity of LGBT community, ideas of activism and possibilities of E+ YiA. The two previous study visits took place in Riga, Latvia and Brey, Ireland. The groups have stayed mostly the same.

Chasing the Rainbow in Finland will take place during the Arctic Pride in Rovaniemi, the Capital of Lapland. Arctic Pride is small local LGBT/human rights event which has been organised two times earlier. It is organised during one of the coldest and darkest months of the Finnish winter above (or right on top of) the Arctic Circle.

Chasing the Rainbow will gather together the Irish, Finnish and Latvian participants from the previous study visits, but invites more LGBT young people to join the activity. From Ireland, Latvia and Finland we will prioritise the participants who took part in the previous visits.

The aim of Chasing the Rainbow is to wake up everyday activism in LGBT young people and enable them to use Erasmus+ Youth in Action as a tool to carry out projects that promote LGBT Rights, Human Rights and equality.

Chasing the Rainbow is a peer learning activity, where the more experienced participants transfer their learning to the newcomers and engage them in the activism. Moreover, the 18-25 year old participants can extend their activism through planning future E+ YiA projects together and taking an active role in running them.

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