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Combating Terrorism in Europe: Strengthening the Tools and Ensuring a Coordinated Response


Thon Hotel Brussels City Centre Avenue du Boulevard 17, B-1210 Brüssel, Belgien

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Online communication, especially through social media, constitutes a powerful tool for terrorist organisations to gain global visibility and reach new audiences, recruit, and obtain financial support. The rapid identification and removal of online terror content can help curb this virtual contagion. On many occasions, the perpetrators of terrorist attacks were nationals of the countries they attacked, or people who have migrated and resided in those countries for a long time. Moreover, almost one third of arrestees for terrorist offences in 2016 were 25 years old or younger (Te-Sat, 2017). Building resilient communities and stronger social ties may also play an important role in reducing the risk of radicalisation, especially of young people, helping neutralise the appeal of terrorist propaganda.

This timely symposium will provide police officials, security professionals, local authorities and other key stakeholders with an invaluable opportunity to discuss the latest advancements and challenges in the fight against terrorism across Europe. Delegates will also explore how digital tools and the engagement of local communities can be effectively employed in counteracting violent ideologies.

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