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COMETS – Understanding and facilitating individual and group learning processes


, Wien, Österreich



The ‘COMETS training courses’ were developed as a support for trainers in their competence development, each course focusing on one competence area of the above-mentioned model.
Hence, with this call, Interkulturelles Zentrum, the Austrian National Agency for Erasmus+ Youth in Action together with SALTO T&C RC invite trainers to take part in this fourth edition of COMETS: ‘Understanding and facilitating individual and group learning processes’.

This particular competence from the model encompasses the following competences:

  • Selecting, adapting or creating appropriate methods
  • Creating a safe, inspiring learning environment
  • Support learners in identifying and meeting their learning needs and overcoming any barriers
  • Understanding and facilitating group dynamic in a way that is conducive to different ways of learning
  • Stimulating active participation, motivating and empowering learners
  • Effectively managing one’s own emotions in training situations; respecting ethical boundaries visa-a-vis learners

Taking the above into account, the intentions of the course are, amongst others:

  • To reflect upon dimensions such as empathy, respect, and honesty in a learning context and process;
  • To work on the attitudes of trainers and learners with regards to authenticity, openness, and curiosity;
  • To reflect on and explore the limits and boundaries of learners;
  • To explore ways to stimulate, support, and empower learners, individually and as a group

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