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Conference of Youth Studies 2016: Global Responsibility in Youth Research


University of Helsinki, Small hall, 4050 Main building Fabianinkatu 33, FI-00100 Helsinki, Finnland

Finnish Youth Research Network (FYRN)


In the conference global migration and movement will be addressed from the perspective of young people and youth studies. The conference aims at critical discussion about the global responsibility of youth research. The focus of youth studies will be challenged by questioning the geographical emphasis and methodological premises of Western youth studies.

The key issues addressed in the conference will include youth radicalization, issues related to the young asylum seekers in Europe, as well as the everyday life and the future opportunities of young people living in conflict- and crisis-affected regions. In the globalized world both ideas and people move across borders. The conference will also pay attention to the effects of global dynamics in Europe.

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Asyl , Finnland, Flüchtling, Jugend, Migration

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