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Connecting Minds Unleashing Potentials

Seminar Konferenz/Kongress

European Youth Center , Budapest, Ungarn

World Peace Initiative Foundation


Many young European leaders are in charge of youth organizations aiming to improve our society. But how can we accomplish such a challenging task?

This summit aims to provide a unique opportunity for youth organizations from Europe to connect with each other, to learn how to be mindful and conscious at professional and personal levels, to discover their inner potential, talents and capabilities from a different perspective, and to progress and act together for a better and more peaceful future.

The program of the summit will focus on both Individual and Organizational Development and will treat topics such as Health Benefits of Meditation, the Art of Conversation, Conscious Leadership and Supportive Work Environment.

Are you ready to get inspired and bring your organization to the next level? If the answer is yes, check the eligibility criteria below and apply for the summit today!


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