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Contact-making seminar on political participation of young people in Europe


, - Kiev, Ukraine



This CMS will provide a space to discuss and analyze the different forms of political participation in Europe with a focus on the Eastern Partnership countries and Russia and to develop partnerships.

This seminar’s starting point is the observation that when young people disagree with governments or political parties, they express their discontentment in different ways, taking many forms and degrees of participation. In view of the recent political and social events in the Eastern Partnership countries and Russia,the Polish NA, BE-FR NA, SALTO EECA RC and SALTO Participation RC are organizing a contact-making seminar that aims to stimulate the reflection on the different channels of participation that young people in Europe use when they want to express their disagreement with a specific political, social or economic phenomenon...

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Mittel- und Osteuropa, Partizipation, Russland, Ukraine

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