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Countering violent extremism and youth radicalisation: using the European Youth Card to promote peaceful communities


The Classic Hotel , - Nicosia, Zypern

Council of Europe Partial Agreement on Youth Mobility Through the Youth Card, European Youth Card Association (EYCA)


This European Seminar takes is organised in the framework of the Cyprus Chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe.

Ojectives of the Seminar

  1. Explore ways in which youth card systems would assist governments in providing
    young people with services and access to activities that would help to promote
    peaceful communities;
  2. See how these peaceful communities could be an enabling factor/context in the
    longer-term prevention of young people’s radicalisation;
  3. With the aims above, share and analyse examples of good practices from EYCA
    member organisations.

Profile of the participants

  • Governmental representatives from ministries dealing with youth affairs, social affairs, education, migration and internal affairs;
  • EYCA members;
  • NGO representatives, youth workers, youth leaders, young people with migrant background.

Working language: English

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Frieden, Jugendarbeit, Mobilität, Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), Zypern

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