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This May, Léargas is calling all EVS project coordinators from accredited Hosting and Sending Organisations to a training which will support you to develop your project dissemination plan and use it to maximise the impact of your EVS projects. This event is open to all Erasmus+ programme countries, so this is your opportunity to make some amazing networks!

The course aims to demystify terms such as Evaluation, Dissemination and Impact and to help you embrace these concepts in a way that is meaningful and adds value for you, your organisation and your volunteers.

We will explore how to form clear project objectives, tips and suggestions on how to create suitable recording measures and how to collect evidence of the impact of EVS for your young people, your organisation, and your communities.

The training will also focus on creative ideas for sharing the impact and outcomes of EVS projects.

We will explore the explicit link between partnerships in EVS and outcomes, and how to maximise the potential for learning at the organisational level.

Finally, this event will help you to make a stronger connection between your EVS projects and the overall objectives of the Erasmus+ programme.

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