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Creative Facilitation TC: Tool Fair as experience!


, - Budapest, Ungarn

NIFSP – Erasmus+ Youth National Agency - Hungary (National Agency)


Have you ever thought about using drawings, cartoons and other visual materials to support learning in international activities or using music as a method or photos as tools for supporting non-formal learning? Would you like to try to do it yourself?

Are you looking for ways to capture the important moments of life? Are you juggling with the challenges of youth projects? Well, if you answered YES any of these questions then one of these courses is for!
This special training, which is an initiation connected to the Tool Fair X activity, aims at presenting traditional and innovative methods and techniques for the participants. The new skills, gained during this 3 day long short term training will be put into practice and evaluated at the Tool Fair X.
The training course will provide opportunities to a group of 15 people to learn about how to use Photography, Graphic facilitation and Music, and it will also provide feedback about the learning process of the participants during the Tool Fair X.

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Kreativität , Non-formale Bildung, Ungarn

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