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Deep Education


, - Villa Sklenářka, Tschechien

Natural Spirit


Deep Education is a course for those active in the field of nature-based methods, who want to explore variety of approaches, share, get inspiration and feedback from other professionals. The whole course is focused on modern ways of using traditional patterns in present education, social work and youth work context. The methodology uses the time of Samhain / Halloween / All Saints’ Day as an example of using rituals and ceremonies in learning and self development events.

The main objectives are:
• To share the experience from participants' projects and activities.
• To combine main NFE themes with modern methods based on traditional patterns.
• To review the themes and methods in regards of the current needs.
• To create a clear and realistic work plan for a specific topic with adequate methods.
• To start a new phase of cooperation in the field of those methodologies.

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Jugendarbeit, Tschechien

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