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Developing Active Global Citizenship throughIntercultural Education: A new path forward in uncertain times


European Youth Centre 30, rue Pierre de Coubertin, F-67000 Strasbourg, Frankreich

Youth For Understanding


The Symposium, presented in both English and French, will engage stakeholders from the formal and non-formal education, policy and academic fields through the following areas:
1.    Identifying Need for Intercultural Education and proficiency in the modern world
2.    Building partnerships to improve Intercultural Education
3.    Innovating approaches to Intercultural Education
4.    Assessing Intercultural Education and its Impact

The Symposium will welcome expert speakers, while engaging the participants in lively and interactive debate.

Participant Contribution: 75 €

Please confirm the deadline for registration with the organisers.

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Frankreich, Interkulturelles Lernen, Non-formale Bildung, interkulturell

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