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Digital Youth: What's ahead of us?


, - Brüssel, Belgien

Youth European Federalists - JEF Europe


"Digital Youth - What's ahead of us?" is the forth and the last activity of 2017 "E-democracy: connecting European Youth and Politics through Digital Tools" working plan that sets out to contribute to the education for digital democracy. Using tools of non-formal education. During the workshops the participants will get an opportunity to share their knowledge and experience, as well as ideas on how to better contribute to raising awareness about digital participation around the world.

Taking the advantage of being in the capital of the European Union, JEF Europe will organize visits to non-governmental organizations active in the digital democracy sector, as well as the European institutions to meet with decision-makers.

The seminar will take place during the Digital Democracy Day organized by European Citizen Action Service (ECAS), which will be a part of the program.

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Belgien, Europäische Jugendpolitik, Medien , Partizipation

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