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Digitools Erasmus+


, - Mollina, Spanien

Spanish National Agency


Youth and non formal education require a daily work with computer, IT tools, new technologies, social networks, “the cloud”… a continued renovation of knowledge, constant training and practicing the abilities with every new project and keeping a positive attitude facing the digital world.

The aim of this training course is to provide an appropriate space for users of Erasmus+ Programme to exchange competences related to new technologies and IT tools. The specific objectives are:

● To evaluate the Erasmus+ experience so far in digital terms.
● To share IT tools to work in Erasmus+ projects with other partners.
● To discover how to use and how to solve situations around ECAS (European Commission Authentication Service), URF (Unique Registration Facility) and Participant Portal, OLS (Online Linguistic Support), Insurance registration in EVS Cigna, Youthpass webpage, Mobility Tool, Erasmus projects results Website...
● To debate and experience the use of social networks and different roles of the programme Users.
● To discover new IT Tools that can help our work in Erasmus + projects.

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