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Discover Youth Opportunities in Russia!

Sonstige Studienreise/-fahrt

, Moskau, Russland



Are you interested in working with Russian youth? Would you like to travel to Russia and learn about youth opportunities there? Do you want to know more about career and funding for youth projects with Russian organizations ?

This is a partnership building activity for youth workers who are interested in learning more about career opportunities in Russia, partnership with Russian organizations and in general – youth work in Russia.

Despite of a difficult political situation Russia is a European country (geographically) with active youth who has a lot in common with the rest of European youth. At the same time Russian youth is slightly isolated from European youth and European youth work and there are limited possibilities for cooperation. We invite youth workers who might be interested in working with Russian youth and Russian youth organizations to join the partnership building activity where you will meet representatives of Russian youth organizations, meet Russian young people, will learn about youth work in Russia.

What the program will include?

  • General introduction about youth work in Russia – a trainer will share with you general information about the state of youth work in Russia
  • Meeting youth workers from Russia – you will meet youth workers from Russian youth organizations who are open for cooperation
  • Learning about career opportunities in Russia – Moscow is one of the most attractive destinations for expats to work in. This counts also for youth work.
  • Information about career opportunities in Russia in youth field (and not only!) as well as the opportunities for the participation in youth projects (volunteering, internships)
  • Learning about funding opportunities for projects with Russian organizations – there is a number of organizations providing funding for organizing projects on topics related to Russia.
  • You will learn about those organizations and the ways of applying for grants from those organizations.
  • Visits to Russian youth organizations – you will visit Russian youth organizations to see how youth organizations are functioning in Russia
    Sessions upon the request of participants 

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