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Employability: How does it work for You(th)?


, Beaufort, Luxemburg

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A Training Course on Youth Employability for youth workers and youth leaders working with young people on a regular basis.

It is important for young people to feel inspired to learn, to develop and recognize their talents, skills and attitudes towards themselves and towards society. And by recognizing their talents and skills, young people can increase their employability. If you agree and you want to learn more about it, come and join this training course.

Training Course Aim and Objectives

Employability: How does it work for You(th)? is a training course that supports youth workers and youth leaders to explore the theme of employability. It gives a space to develop a vision and the skills to support young people in their development and supporting them to play an active role within their own youth organisation. It aims at implementing an inspiring, active and creative space for the development of new ideas.

The general aim is to boost and expand the capacity of youth workers and youth leaders in supporting young people to recognize their learning within Erasmus+ mobility projects.

The objectives are:

  • To explore the concept and elements of employability.
  • To reflect on one's own role as a youth worker and the role of the youth organization to support young people in recognizing competences for employability.
  • To discover the value of non-formal learning in developing competences using the Erasmus+ Programme’s mobility tools, such as Youth Exchange and EVS.
  • To share inspirational tools and methods.

Training Course Content
Using non-formal education methods and activities (such as outdoor work, experiential learning, theatre, etc.) Employability: How does it work for You(th)? includes elements of exploring:

  • Youth work as a tool for employability.
  • What is the role of the organisation & youth worker in enhancing employability among young people?
  • How can youth work, and specifically Erasmus+ be used as a tool for developing employability?

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