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Employment and Social Inclusion in Europe: Ways Forward for the Young Jobless Generation


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According to the European Commission, unemployment reached 24.6 million people in August 2014, out of which 5 million are aged 15 and 24. Millions of youngsters across Europe are struggling to find a job or to further their education, facing a world from which they increasingly feel disconnected with. The economic recession has forced many to accept unpaid internships or become long-term unemployed – which leads to a lack of confidence, social exclusion, poorer health, depression and even suicide.

There is a need to promote urgent, targeted measures supporting young people’s school-to-work transition, while investing in longer-term structural reforms. With a budget of €6 billion for the period 2014 - 2020, the Youth Employment Initiative aims to support NEETs in EU regions most affected by youth unemployment.

Also, following the Council and European Parliament’s Decision to improve the effectiveness of public employment services through closer cooperation, the Public Employment Services Network was launched in September 2014. It aims to support Member States further to coordinate their policies and actions against unemployment.

This timely International Symposium provides an invaluable opportunity to discuss the challenges behind current unemployment trends in the EU. Delegates will have the opportunity to examine initiatives and innovative projects that have been implemented to tackle youth unemployment and social exclusion at national and EU levels. This Symposium will also allow delegates to exchange best practices and discuss solutions to boost employment in the EU.

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