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Employment & Competences 4 Success


, - Reggio Calabria, Italien

EuroDemos Youth Mobility


The aim is to tailor tools for learning, exchange professional ideas, experiences and actions to promote among youth, and educate to educate.

The objectives of our training course are:

  • Analyze the scenario of youth employment and competences-making according to the European scenario and find tangible educational solutions to carve into the topic;
  • Provide European youth workers a space for tailoring specific tools for learning and a defined action plan for boosting employment of youth and support them in career guidance;
  • Identify young people talents and help them in harvesting those in a way to empower skills, competences and opportunities at the same time;
  • Better understand how to create cooperation and actions to boost young people scenario via non-formal education, and to motivate a settles process of learning;
  • Allow youth workers to gain experiences in a specific sector for youth which is in transformation and needing solutions to avoid poverty of youth;
  • Show the relevance of finding innovative methods and tools for supporting and helping youth by using aholistic approach to overcome obstacles cause by the high rates of unemployment in Europe;
  • Provide more qualitative opportunities for future, innovative cooperation and projects within the Erasmus+ Programme.

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Italien, Jugendarbeit

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