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"Empower You(th)!" Regional Workshop


, Villa Olanda, Luserna San Giovanni (TO), Italien

Diaconia Valdese


The Regional Workshops aims at providing comprehensive training for youth workers reaching from relevant background information on (1) societal challenges for their work with young people in their national/regional context, to (2) skills and methods that can be applied in their specific field of work, as well as on (3) the development of core competences needed for successful youth work.

The Regional Workshop foresee the active participation of the youth workers of Diaconia Valdese that have already attended the training of Empower You(th) project.
Innovative methods shall be built around the four core topics, but with a focus on each regional needs:

  • Multicultural societies
  • Youth Employment & Social Inclusion
  • European Identity
  • Digitalisation

We also ask the participants to bring an example of a project/activity with the youngsters on the four topics, and to present it during a specific session of local and international mapping of youth projects. If you are willing to share, please let us know.

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Italien, Praxis

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