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Entangled History as a perspective for non-formal education


, Krzyżowa, Polen

Polen: Krzyżowa Foundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe, Museum Gross-Rosen, Ukraine: ChangeLog Foundation, Ukrainian Centre for Holocaust Studies, Deutschland: Kreisau-Initiative e.V., Institute for Applied History


Multipliers of youth work (18 years upwards) living in Germany, Poland and Ukraine who are interested in editing and developing methods in the field of Holocaust education with an entangled historical approach. Participants should be committed to international cooperation or be active in youth meetings, citizenship education or related fields of work with young people.

"Entangled History as a perspective for non-formal education" is a series of events consisting of a training for youth workers (03.-08.07.2017) and an international youth meeting (January 2018). During the training 18 youth workers from Germany, Poland and Ukraine will meet in order to develop and modify methods for the historical and civic non-formal education viewed in the context of a growing diversity in our societies. Due to globalization and migration our societies in Europe become more and more diverse. The field of non-formal education must take this challenge and needs to integrate this diversity into its project formats. Old narratives need to be analyzed and challenged and multiple perspectives on historical events have to be included.
The Holocaust as a focal point will be examined from multiple perspectives which will allow to draw conclusions on marginalized groups and discrimination in our current societies. Further goals of the project are the promotion of tolerance, giving an impulse to critical thinking as well as raising awareness towards diversity and against discrimination.
During the training participants develop and modify methods that can be applied in the following international youth meeting as well as in the every day work of the youth workers.

Working language: English

Application: If you want to apply please fill out the online application form https://www.kreisau.de/index.php?id=190

Participation fee (covers accommodation, full board and all programme activities)
Participants from Germany: 90 EUR / Poland: 50 EUR / Ukraine: 30 EUR
Travel costs: For participants from Germany and Poland can be reimbursed up to 180 EUR per person/ for participants from Ukraine up to 275 EUR per person of economy class travel costs.

For more detailed information about the training please check the document.

Weitere Informationen zur Veranstaltung:
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Deutschland, Gedenkstättenarbeit, Geschichte , Non-formale Bildung, Polen, Erinnerungskultur

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