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Enter! Training for youth workers - Initial seminar


European Youth Centre , - Budapest, Ungarn

Youth Department of the Council of Europe


The Long-Term Training Course (LTTC) for youth workers will be at the core of Enter! in 2017-2018. The experiences of the course will have a particularly important role in informing other activities of the project, by bringing the direct input of youth workers and local and regional authorities and by bridging experiences from the local to the national and European levels.

The course is a complementary training for 30 youth workers to implement the Enter! Recommendation through projects in partnership with local authorities within a European and intercultural context provided by the European Youth Centres.

A Council of Europe long-term training course

  • Initial seminar (Budapest, 21 – 29 May 2017)
  • Project development
  • E-learning – Mentoring - Networking
  • Evaluation seminar (Strasbourg, June 2018)

The course will be held in English and French, with simultaneous interpretation during seminars.

Weitere Informationen zur Veranstaltung:
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Benachteiligte Jugendliche, Europa , Jugendarbeit, Jugendpolitische Zusammenarbeit, Kinder- und Jugendpolitik, Management, Menschenrechte, Projekt , Projektarbeit , Projektmanagement, Ungarn

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