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Euro-Med Youth Forum “Sustainable Participation and Active Citizenship”

Seminar Konferenz/Kongress

, - Larnaca, Zypern

Youth Board of Cyprus


This Forum is an initiative of the Erasmus+ National Agency of Cyprus and its Partner Institutions in an effort to strengthen cooperation in the EuroMed area.

Objectives of the Forum:

  • Contributing to a better understanding of participation and active citizenship in the Programme and South-Mediterranean countries;
  • Motivating young people to take an active role in their communities;
  • Promoting the value of cooperation in the EuroMed area;
  • Raising awareness of the key competences for and through participation;
  • Fostering collaboration among different players present at the Forum.

This activity is for participants from: Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme countries, Southern Mediterranean countries

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Gesellschaft, Kompetenz, Mittelmeerraum, Partizipation, Zypern

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