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European experience in volunteering in Caucasus region


, - Ganja, Aserbaidschan

Bridge to the future


The Study Visit will take place in 2016 European Youth Capital Ganja. It aims to gather young professionals from European Union, Eastern Europe and Caucasian countries (Germany, Ukraine, Moldova, Spain, Latvia, Georgia, Romania, Turkey and Italy) to explore and learn the European experience about volunteering, to share each country’s own volunteering experiences and methods on it, how to spread volunteering not only in youth work, and also how to apply volunteerism to the governmental and non-governmental enterprises.

If you are

  • 18-30 years old,
  • have knowledge and experience in volunteering work,
  • willing to learn, share and contribute to the project by your experience and knowledge regarding the topic,
  • interested in visiting Ganja EYC 2016,

you can apply for this study visit.

Weitere Informationen zur Veranstaltung:
Informationen auf dija.de

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