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European Responses to Global Children’s Rights Issues: Building Capacity and Exchanging Knowledge - Key Findings and Future Directions


Kind & Gezin Hallepoortlaan 27, B -1060 Brüssel, Belgien

University of Liverpool - European Children's Rights Unit


This is the final seminar of a seminar series that will provide a unique platform for critical discussion and interdisciplinary exchange relating to the role of the European institutions – notably the European Union and the Council of Europe - in shaping children’s rights. It represents a timely response to a number of important legal, policy, monitoring and campaign initiatives introduced at this level that seek to tackle a range of children’s rights issues.

This final seminar will be devoted to summarising the key findings of previous seminars, discussing ways of maximising the outputs obtained from the series, and making plans to sustain the network into the future. The seminar will focus on some key recommendations, both in relation to each of the substantive themes, and in relation to any cross-cutting issues.

Please confirm the deadline for registration with the organisers.

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Belgien, Europa , Europäische Union, Kinder, Kinder- und Jugendschutz, Menschenrechte

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