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Event Wise Training


, - Ommen, Niederlande

Olde Vechte Foundation


Event Wise is a dynamic personal development training that equips educators in order to support their parallel process into guiding people’s learning.

Training Content
Event Wise is designed to give you new impulses in your personal and professional life, creating unique results. In this training you will learn how to: achieve goals, handle challenging situations and people, build and sustain healthy relationships, make choices, produce results, work with your energy, give and receive feedback, reflect on your own learning, work out of appreciative inquiry and others.
On each day of the training, you will have the opportunity to put in practice what you have learned. On the last day, you will have the chance to discuss how you can apply them in your own working environment with trainees, volunteers, staff members of your organization. Olde Vechte Foundation is open for consultation on how you can apply these tools/approaches in your daily work with people after the training is over

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