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Evidence-based policy in Erasmus+ Seminar on research and methodology


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FRSE, Polish National Agency of Erasmus+


For the benefit of better implementation of public programs in the field of education, general and specific research activities are undertaken by various institutions and individual researchers. Those also relate to the implementation of ERASMUS+ program, addressing various actions and sectors. Some of them focus on program-related specific issues, other address specific beneficiaries and/or groups of participants. All of them serve either verification of implementation processes, evaluation of projects’ impact or assessment of cooperation among beneficiaries. Therefore the overall idea of the seminar is to:

  • get acquainted with the results of research on Erasmus program in terms of its impact on institutions/organizations and participants
  • share experience on tools, practices and methodology;
  • network for future joint research activities.

Within the leading theme, sessions on more specific research topics related to Erasmus program are envisaged. They include:
1. Impact on employability
2. Internationalization in formal education
3. Social and intercultural dimensions of learning outcomes
4. Institutional impact

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