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EVS GO POLITICAL: exploring political dimensions of the EVS cycle training course


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After twenty years of EVS, experience shows that social transformation takes place within EVS project participants. “EVS Go Political” will introduce methods to consider a political dimension into the EVS by:

  • Extending the critical thinking and knowledge about policy making, democracy and human rights of participants,
  • Raising awareness of participants through sharing good practices,
  • Enabling participants to better understand and use the political dimension in their work in the EVS cycle.

Considering the above, the intentions of the course are:
To address the political dimension in EVS by means of non-formal learning based on participants experience, motivation and needs. Participants will have the chance to assess the impact of political context in their field / projects, defining and analysing the active citizenship in the panorama of EVS, exchanging good practices, sharing knowledge and methods and assessing their own competences. In this way the training course will prepare for the implementation of the political dimension of the participants in their daily work.

The participants will have the chance to assess and further develop their own skills by:

  • Exchanging good practises
  • Exploring approaches and implementing tools
  • Simulations
  • Self directed learning
  • Group dynamics
  • Plenary sessions

Expected learning outcomes are:

  • Participants will be able to understand the difference between policy and politics as part of the EVS cycle
  • Participants will be able to integrate their learning in their daily EVS work
  • Participants will be aware and able to deal with the importance of being non-judgmental and respectful of various political beliefs and values
  • Participants will be able to understand the importance of stand for democracy and human rights.

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