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EVS to tackle long term unemployment


, - Bled, Slowenien

MOVIT, Slovenian National Agency


This is a long term activity on how to establish reciprocal international EVS partnerships, based on local partnerships between youth organizations and employment offices to encourage long term unemployed young people (aged 18-30) to get involved in EVS.

The activity will offer space for organisations that want to develop long-term partnerships and cooperation projects offering EVS as an option for long-term unemployed young people and those, who already cooperate with employment offices in order to assure the transfer of good practices, identify potential challenges and find suitable solutions.

The activity aims to bring together about 20 experienced youth workers and organisations, who wish to offer EVS placements to long-term unemployed youngsters from their local environments. They will have the chance to exchange, discuss and learn from already existing practices of cooperation between youth organisation and employment offices.

In particular, the activity will try to:
• Establish long term partnerships between organisations that will apply for EVS projects with regular placements for long-term unemployed youngsters
• Reflect on Erasmus+: Youth in Action, specifically EVS, as tools for inclusion of long term unemployed youngsters

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