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Explore Yourself Through Art


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"Explore yourself through art" training course is for youth workers and leaders who want to learn how to use simple and efficient art methods in their work with young people with fewer opportunities.

One of the biggest challenges in contemporary Europe are the limited possibilities of young people with disabilities and social problems. To be able to develop their full potential it is of uttermost importance to create a healthy and positive environment for them, which can support them to improve their life.

There are several ways and methods of working with such kind of problems. One that proved to be very successful is the application of artistic form of expression to solve difficulties with social interaction and communication. Art-making process, creation of something new by your own hands, thoughts and feelings can strongly support personal exploration and development and can give valuable new insights for solving personal difficulties.

For young people with fewer opportunities communication through art can be very helpful in improving their self-confidence, self-realization and self-awareness. Self-expression through Art can be an easier and more direct form than verbal communication and expression through painting, music, dance, theatre can help tremendously to expand their capacities.

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