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From 1 to 4 March 2016 (arrival on 1 March morning, departure on 5 March), the European Youth Foundation (EYF) of the Council of Europe is organising a seminar with representatives of international and local youth NGOs.

If you are an international or a local youth NGO that is registered in the EYF database this invitation is for you!

In 2013, the EYF introduced new operational regulations, a new online system (containing a new approach) and a new website. In order strengthen the partnership with youth NGOs within this context, the EYF organised three seminars - (Re)loaded in 2013, (R)evolution in 2014 and (Re)generation in 2015 - which were successfully implemented.

Getting familiar with the EYF framework is both exciting and challenging, and the EYF would like to take the opportunity together with youth NGOs to see where it stands and analyzes the period 2013-2015 to further fine-tune and strengthen the way of working together.

Considering the introduction of the annual work plans for international youth NGOs and networks, as well as the “intervention” approach for pilot activities developed at local level and in order to develop links between international and local perspectives, the EYF has decided to invite activists/representatives from 20 international and 20 local youth NGOs (registered with the EYF), who are running youth projects (writing applications, implementing, reporting).

As a result of this meeting, it is expected to:

  • receive feedback and share information on the work with the EYF’s operational regulations, online system and website);
  • create a common understanding concerning the work plans and pilot activities supported by the EYF;
  • gain awareness about the different situations organisations address with the support of the EYF;
  • revitalize transparency and accountability between the EYF and youth organisations;
  • achieve open and informal networking between representatives of international and local NGOs, as well as between the EYF team and the people running projects with EYF grants;
  • share best practices concerning projects, for example how to integrate a gender perspective, how to ensure a good impact, etc.

You can find the call including the application form and further information on the following website:

Weitere Informationen zur Veranstaltung:
Informationen auf dija.de

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