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“Fight homophobia and ostracism against Roma, in the past and today”


, - Skopje, EjR Mazedonien

Roma Youth Center


Aim and Objectives
The aim of the conference is to raise awareness about the Roma Holocaust and Human Rights Education stimulating the critical thinking and debate of young people, their reflection and understanding of history and antigipsysm.
To reach the general aim of the TC, the objectives are:

  • Raise involvement of Roma and non-Roma citizens in European debate on Roma Inclusion;
  • Sent key points to the stakeholders: Roma civic and democratic participation is necessary for greater Roma inclusion and better future perspectives in Europe
  • Roma and non-Roma volunteers and activists, sharing their grassroots engagement and practices;
  • Build alliances of Roma organizations to the established stakeholders

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Integration & Inklusion, EjR Mazedonien

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