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Follow the Impulse - improvisation as a tool in youth work


, - Budapest, Ungarn

Hungarian National Agency of Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme


The aim of this training course is to empower those, who work with groups of young people to be confident and free in challenging and unexpected moments and enable them to use improvisation techniques with young people.

To achieve this aim we set the following objectives:

• to experience improvisation moments to develop self-confidence as a youth worker/educator/trainer
• to develop improvisation skills of youth workers/educators/trainers
• to learn how to use and apply improvisation tools while working with young people to improve self-confidence, support learning and cooperation in teams, and release the creativity of youth

During the training course participants will experience improvisation through different methods (artistic creation, theatre, dance etc.) as individuals, working in smaller groups and as a whole group. We will reflect on the personal experiences and connect those to situations in daily life and youth work practice. Besides the opportunity of exploring improvisation, participants will be able to apply the newly gained methods and tools in their every day youth work, and empower young people to free their creativity and increase their self-confidence.

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Jugendarbeit, Ungarn

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