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The main goal of this TC is to understand the differences between non-formal education, formal education and informal learning.

Training is focused on non-formal learning and how to use it within the practice of youth workers and intergrate it into the E+ quality projects to be aware of how non-formal learning looks. The support of applicants for improving projects and their practice with regard to the educational aspect of their work. We need more clarification to youth workers and youth leaders, such as explanation what is differences between non-formal learning in youth work across all (YiA) Programme Countries and how to systematically involve non-formal learning in their work with youth.


  1. Understand the differences between non-formal education, formal education and informal learning
    - to share of awareness about development of non-formal education in different countries non-formal education approaches across countries, understand differences and similarities
  2. Having awareness of how informal learning looks
  3. Understand several elements of non-formal learning, and their importance in organizing their own activities,
    - to share the concept of non-formal education created in Czech-Slovak reality, 
  4. Experience several methods transferable to participants,
  5. Reflect on the extent to which participants use non-formal education in their practice and where is the space for change in their practice,
  6. To increase the quality of NFE, to share an example of good practice in the context of NFE in youth work,
  7. To inspire from the examples of good practice used in the Slovakia and Czech Republic.

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