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Forum on Perspectives of European Cooperation in the Youth Field

Seminar Konferenz/Kongress

Gustav-Stresemann-Institut, Langer Grabenweg 68, 53175 Bonn, Deutschland

JUGEND für Europa


The forum offers the opportunity to meet and reflect on the state of affairs of the implementation of the EU Youth Strategy.

This forum will focus on the perspectives offered by the EU Youth Strategy for civil society and its stakeholders, how the Strategy has affected youth policy and youth work, civil society and major youth stakeholders, and how these groups have contributed to its implementation. It will also examine what civil society stakeholders expect from European cooperation in the field of youth in the context of a new EU Youth Strategy.

The forum seeks to
- examine the implementation status of the EU Youth Strategy,
- reflect on the findings of the interim evaluation (impact, themes, instruments), and
- discuss possible approaches for pursuing and evolving the EU Youth Strategy from 2018 onwards.

Please register online by Friday, 27 May 2016.

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Claudius Siebel, JUGEND für Europa – Service and Transfer Agency EU Youth Strategy
Telefon: 0228 9506228

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