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Forum UkraineLab: Playing polyphony of the society. Exploring the European identity


, 1**** Berlin, Deutschland

NGO Insha Osvita, MitOst


Today, both Ukraine and the EU raise the question of (new) limits of diversity and (new) boundaries of identity: How much difference can we “bear” and how to transfer its potential into real innovations? How to stabilize communities and unite society around democratic values ​​and the right to diversity? And last but not least: what is the common denominator of European identity for all of us – including Germans, British, Greeks, refugees in the EU and Ukrainians?

The organizers invite you to discuss these issues and seek common but at the same time individual answers, share best practices and forge quality partnerships both within Ukraine and at the European level.

This Forum is a mosaic of personal stories of community activists, cultural innovators, educators, social entrepreneurs, journalists, academics and civil activists who implement the innovative and important initiatives for the development of a diverse European society in Ukraine.

The organizers cover travel expenses, accommodation and meals during all days of the event and provide visa support.

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Deutschland, Dialog, Formale Bildung, Migration, Ukraine

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