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How to Grill? TSS! Training of Social Skills


, - Ajdovščina, Slowenien

Društvo CPM // Youth Aid Centre Association - YACA


The TC is planned mostly practical, active and experiential as well as theoretical, to be able to see the hidden curriculum. The aim is to equip each partner with necessary tools and knowledge, needed to guide Trainings of Social skills (TSS) in their organizations. By doing so, each partner will contribute to inclusion of the underprivileged youth in their country.

Aims and objectives:

  • to gain specific "know-how" on guiding TSS in order to be able to guide its contents in their own organizations as well as to encourage (practical and theoretical) use of the project results;
  • to develop, upgrade the method with the help of experienced youth-workers and volunteers from youth organizations;
  • to elaborate possibilities on inclusion of youth with less opportunities;
  • to contribute to quality of the programs that youth organizations already practice;
  • to use recognition tools (Youthpass, Unique Learning Badges etc.) in practice and by doing so, help the participants to recognize skills, behaviors and knowledge gained during the activities as well as promote recognition of non-formal and informal learning.

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Benachteiligte Jugendliche, Jugendarbeit, Slowenien

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