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How to plan a Youth Exchange with the new Program Erasmus+/Youth in action


, - Beaufort, Luxemburg

National Agency Luxembourg


AIMS and OBJECTIVES: Youth Exchanges under Erasmus +/Youth in actio are more than just a gathering of young people for a given period. They allow international experience and indeph intercultural exchange.
How can you design a Youth Exchange? How to start the project? Where can you find the suitable partners?These are the questions we would like to answer. The training shows how to set up your project step by step.
Furthermore the youth workers will have the opportunity to meet an get in contact with actors from other countries. The participants get an overview about Youth exchanges in Erasmus+. They discover the philosophy, aims and expectations of the Program. It will be the opportunity to get practical information and hints and to discuss project ideas.
The training is practically oriented and is based upon non-formal learning methods. The trainers will take into account the needs, motivation, interests and experiences of the participants.

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